Mining responsibly,
for today and tomorrow

Mining responsibly for today and tomorrow

Mining is a big industry in NSW, with a big future ahead. We’re responsibly mining the minerals, metals and coal for today and tomorrow

Mining Sustainability

There are teams of experts all over NSW restoring the land being used for mining.

We’re a well-regulated industry operating under strict environmental laws. Before mining starts, we make plans to restore the land we’ve used for mining into native bushland, farms and renewable energy.

And it’s happening all the time. In the Hunter Valley alone, 40 percent of the land being used for mining is already under rehabilitation

In NSW, we mine responsibly.

Mining’s role in a low emissions future

We’re using more renewable energy to power our mines.

We’re mining the metals and minerals for a low emissions future, like copper, gold, silver, nickel, molybdenum and more.

As part of our ongoing restoration efforts, we’re even turning a 100-year-old coal mine into pumped hydro power and solar farms to generate renewable energy for NSW homes and businesses.

Projects like this show the industry will keep working to reduce its emissions, already down 38 percent since 2005.

Watch to learn about our role in a Low Emissions Future

Smarter Mining

We’re always finding better ways to mine in NSW.

We are achieving this with smart jobs and tech. That includes mining high-quality NSW coal that’s essential for making steel,needed for building homes, city construction and infrastructure.

And our NSW coal is also going to be needed for reliable electricity for many years in NSW and around the world, as all countries build their renewable energy networks over time.